Monastery of Christ our Saviour


The Guest House is open

Hospitality plays an important part in the life of every Benedictine monastery. Here at the Monastery of Christ our Saviour we have facilities for both day guests and residential guests, and for groups.
All relevant covid-19 precautions are in place.

For further information please contact Br John:
01234 881211

For organised groups and events please see Groups and Events

Guests are welcome to join us for worship in the Abbey chapel.

The guest house is well stocked with books, and the surrounding countryside is well provided with public footpaths and bridleways.

Central to our monastic life is the practice of silence and reflection. The community keeps ‘great silence’ from after the final service of the day, until after Lauds the following morning. During this time we avoid speaking and try to maintain a quiet atmosphere in the Monastery and in the grounds. We invite our guest to share with us in this practice.

Main Guest House
New Room and Garden Room